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On Reframing How We Talk About Money

On Reframing How We Talk About Money


Some people love talking about money and their finances. Other people are very tight lipped. The one thing that we all tend to have in common is the way we talk about money. We have these notions about money that stem back generations. Beliefs that were passed down through our families and friends, that make us think that money is hard to attain. The reality is we talk about money negatively and we need to change that. Just like in every other area of our life, our thoughts and words attract exactly what we put out. 

I know it sounds easier said that done, to change something that we are so used to doing. Take it from me, the moment I re-framed the way I spoke about money I started to see a change. Why not start with the most common things we hear about money? 

  1. Money does not grow on trees. Well, if you want to get technical, money does grow on trees. It is after all made out of cotton, which comes from a plant...so TREE. So yes money grows on trees. But really, money grows on trees because it is EVERYWHERE. If you want to make money you CAN. Something I noticed while living in LA is that you can literally make money doing anything. You want money? Go walk a dog, sell meal plans, coach people on a skill you feel you master, deliver people's food. It does not matter...the options to make money are endless. So instead of saying "money doesn't grow on trees" say "I have an abundance of money at my disposal". 

  2. Money does not buy happiness. WRONG. I could not disagree more. What makes you happy? Traveling? Can't do that without money. Making sure your family is cared for? More often than not, that entails money. Shopping? Ha, guess what? MONEY. Money might not directly purchase happiness but it sure as hell makes having the things that make you happy a lot easier. Money pays for my spa days, for my trips, happy hours with my friends. So while my happiness is not contingent on having money, having money sure makes me happier. Instead of saying "money doesn't buy happiness" say "money is so good to me. It facilitates all the things that make me happy". 

  3. You have to work for your money. Now, I am not going to sit here and say you don't have to work for your money, because that would be a little hypocritical and contradictory of me. Yes, you have to put in work. What you don't need to do is be a slave to money. You should not be stuck in a job you don't love just because you need the money it makes you. If you are going to make money and lots of it, you should be doing something you absolutely love. The more passionate you are about what you do the more fruitful it will be. Simple. Money should work for you. Instead of saying "I have to work for my money" say "money comes easily and effortlessly and it works for me".

  4. Don't spend your money or you will never have money. Wrong again. First of all, it takes money to make money. You need money to start a business. You need money to get to work. You need money to play the lotto. You need money for everything. So you have to spend your money to make it. Let us go a little deeper. You know that saying, you reap what you sow? Well the same also applies to money. The more money you invest the more money you get. The more you give, the more you get back. Yes I said give. Let us never forget the law of attraction and how our intentions can dictate what we get from the universe. So if you are an employer, and you pay your company well, you will make more money. If you donate to charities, you will get more money. If you help out your friends and family, you will get more money. Get the picture? I'm not saying not to save for a rainy day or retirement, but instead of saying "I won't spend my money so that I will always have money" say "I am going to put money into the world so it may come back to me abundantly". 

I'm just saying...if you change your mindset about money to a more positive one...your bank account is bound to be more positive as well. 

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